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May 17, 2016
Marissa Gravel (2003) leads PSG Canada to gold in France

            March 7 - 22, 2015: Marissa Gravel (2003)
            training with Arsenal Ladies U13
June 25, 2016
Claire Rea (2004) selected to represent Canada at the Danone Cup

             March 7 - 22, 2015: Claire Rea (2004)
             training with Arsenal Ladies U11
July 11, 2016 
Noah Abatneh (2004) offered an official contract with AS ROMA in
the Italian Serie A

April 4, 2016: Noah Abatneh (2004) on trial with AS ROMA in the Italian Serie A.
Sept 10, 2015: Noah Abatneh (2004) offered a contract to play for Fulham FC u11s, offered to stay for an extra 6 week trial with Arsenal FC
Aug 20 - Sept 13, 2015: Noah Abatneh
(2004) invited back on trial with Arsenal FC and Fulham FC in London, England
Aug 20 - 31, 2014: Noah Abatneh (2004) on trial with Arsenal FC and Fulham FC in
London, England - offered a contract to play for Fulham FC at the end of the trial
See Noah's story on Future Legends TV
August 20-24, 2016

St. Anthony B13 Futuro team UK EPL Tour Historical accomplishment of a small little Canadian academy





August 24, 2016

Futuro 6 - 0 Leicester City

Futuro wrapped up their UK tour with a 6-0 win over EPL Champions Leicester City. Another fabulous performance from the boys. Goal scorers were Dorian Wharton and Elage Bah with a brace each, followed by singles from Luka Samija and Antoine Coupland.

August 23, 2016

Futuro 5 - 3 Southampton

Great victory against the top​ development  club in England. Antoine Coupland and Luka Samija netted a brace and one from Eric Lajeunesse 

August 22, 2016

Futuro 11 - 0 Swansea

Unfortunately, Swansea brought their younger team, therefore it ended up being a very lopsided match in favour of the Futuro boys.


August 21, 2016

Futuro 8 - 1 Cardiff City

Antoine Coupland scored 5 times followed by two from Nathaniel Mulalem and one from Elage Bah.


August 20, 2016

Futuro 4 - 2 Bristol Rovers 
Goal scorers for the match were Antoine Coupland, Elage Bah, Tyr Duhaney and Luka Samija.

August 24, 2016

August 26 2016 Futuro's fifth match on the English Premier League Academies Tour. Futuro won the match 6-0 to cap the tour off undefeated with five victories against Bristol Rovers, Cardiff City, Swansea, Southampton and Leicester City. 



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